Sheri is a singer-songwriter, actress, and filmmaker. Sheri has always shown an interest in music; her mother would catch her singing to her dog and to the birds at the window when she was five years old. At the age of 11, she started voice lessons and began to teach herself piano and guitar and immediately started composing her own songs which she performed at her local church. 

After convincing her parents to bring her to Nashville to play the legendary Bluebird Cafe, she decided she needed to go home and perfect her craft. She was homeschooled for a year and half so she could practice music full-time. She recorded her first EP of all original songs when she was 18. 

In 2021, Sheri graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a certificate in General Music from Berklee College of Music. She just released her newest single " The Roots." She is currently in the studio recording her highly anticipated sophomore EP of all self-written songs about her experience growing up in her Hometown. 

Additionally, Sheri is a passionate filmmaker and she films and edits all her own music videos to accompany her songs, as well as, posts weekly vlogs to her YouTube channel about her charming life in the coastal mountains.